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About Us

What is the meaning of Dharma Chakra Yoga School’s name?

Dharma Chakra Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School that offers 200 and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings, as well as workshops and Reiki Trainings.


Like all Chakra, the Dharma Chakra is a wheel.  This wheel represents living life fully and with a sense of purpose.  The spokes of the Dharma Chakra represent the Eight Limbs of Yoga and the Eightfold Path of Buddhism.


The Dharma Chakra Mudra is thought to balance and integrate all of the chakra qualities into our lives, so that we manifest our life’s highest vision and deepest meaning.

Our Purpose

“Study the Science- the steps clearly articulated by those who’ve walked the path and who’ve overcome similar struggles.  Be focused, intense, forthright, loving, sober and teachable.  Go deep, deeper, go deepest.  Then look back.  Reach out and hold some hands and share the way!” 

                                                           Yogarupa Rod Stryker

  • We’ve received so much from our teachers and wish to share our joy and knowledge from a lifelong practice and study of Yoga


  • We wish to help our students deepen their practice and understanding of the Eight Limbs of Yoga  so that they may find connection, clarity purpose and joy in their lives. 


  • We wish to offer CEU’s and Trainings for Yoga Teachers so they may “Fill Their Cups ,”and  develop themselves to become extraordinary teachers

About us



Eileen Rachelson  E-RYT 500 / YACEP and Reiki Master



Eileen is the Owner and Director of Dharma Chakra Yoga's Teacher Training.  She has more than 3000 hours experience teaching yoga and has the Yoga Alliance’s credential as a Senior Teacher and YACEP.  


Eileen wishes to create a safe nurturing space for her students' growth and transformation, helping others to find clarity, peace and purpose.She wishes to teach accessible yoga to create steadiness and ease.


Her certifications and immersions include Kripalu Prana Yoga with Dr. Jeff Prabakar Migdow MD and Robyn Priti Ross, Anusara Yoga, with Mohini Ellen Satonstall, Restorative Yoga, with Judith Hanson Lasatar, and Yoga As A Healing Art and Meditation with Rolf Solvik, Shari Fredrickson, Sandy Anderson and Carrie Demers, at the Himalayan Institute. She has also studied with Sharon Salzberg, Krishna Das, Joseph Kornblum, and Donna Farhi.  Eileen was blessed to be Nancy Kearon's assistant Lead Trainer in Nancy's YTT, The Yoga School from 2016-2019.  


Her Kripalu studies kindled her early interest in energy work and healing.  She is an Usui Reiki Master, and Feng Shui Space Clearer, who uses energy to heal and teaches others how to do so. She studied Reiki with Nancy Kearon and Dr Jeff Prabakar Migdow, and Feng Shui with RD Chin and Karen Kingston. 


She does Karma Yoga by providing her energy work without cost, as a practitioner and member of a Healing Circle.  She also fundraises for her local Food Bank and to benefit her community.


Patricia Krol RYT 500 /E-RYT  200/ YACEP and Reiki Master


Curiosity and a deep love of learning brought Patricia to yoga. She enjoys creative sequencing, combining different styles, and prefers the purity of Hatha Yoga. She has a profound appreciation for Sanskrit, Mantra, and Meditation. Through her practice she’s found flexibility and strength on all levels. 


It was on her mat that she discovered her Dharma, teaching. Whether it be in front of a group of High School students, leading a yoga practice, or teaching aspiring yoga teachers; guiding and helping others has become her focus and where she finds Ananda, true joy. 


Patricia graduated from Dharma Chakra Yoga School for both her 200 and 300 Hour certifications. Under the tutelage of Eileen Rachelson she gained knowledge, confidence and a sense of community.


This sense of community inspired her to develop opportunities for SEVA, such as Hike and Yoga. Hike and Yoga promotes yoga and enjoyment of the outdoors for the benefit of public natural spaces.


Patricia has continued her studies with Chris Loebsack, Corrine Farell and Beth Spindler. 


She is honored to be Assistant Lead Trainer with Dharmachakra Yoga School.


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165 Eastwood Drive, Shohola PA 18458

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