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Reiki Level I- Beginner

Begin the journey here.  Learn this simple touch energy work to de-stress, relax and heal on all levels.  You will receive the necessary instruction and attunement to perform Reiki on yourself and others.

Reiki Level II- Intermediate

You will be attuned to three Reiki “symbols, which act as triggers to deepen, speed and enhance your Reiki flow and results.  Learn how to sense energy blockages intuitively, how to send Reiki, Reiki Feng Shui your home or office , and much more!

Reiki Level IIIA - Advanced

In this class you will be attuned to one of the third degree symbols to deepen and speed your Reiki flow.  You will also learn how to perform techniques such as intensified clearing of energy blockages, Reiki meditations to enhance clairvoyance and visualization skills and grid work - a 5 minute procedure which will enable you to receive and send Reiki support all throughout the day.

Reiki Level IIIB- Advanced /Teacher

Not just for those who wish to teach Reiki! Learn the ultimate way of giving Reiki to yourself and others - a five minute healing attunement for results far greater than the typical hands-on Reiki. You will learn how to attune others to Reiki from Level I - IIIB.  


Graduate as a professional Reiki Teacher or simply attune family and friends.  It’s your choice.  You will get the support you need either way.

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