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Study with the most experienced teacher trainers in the area.  Let us help you clarify your path and your unique gifts.  Let us offer you a safe space for learning and personal growth in our 200 hour or Advanced 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs.  Transform your yoga practice and your life.


Our groups are intimate, allowing individual attention and mentorship.  We will guide you so that you establish a strong foundation for the lifelong study of yoga.  We will help you enrich your personal practice and understanding of Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation.  We will help you prepare to teach, studying yogic philosophy, learning and practicing teaching skills including cueing, sequencing, seeing and understanding the human body, adjusting and assisting.


Our 200 Hour Program moves deeply into the study of Hatha Yoga, the 8 limbs of yoga, The Yoga Sutras, and The Bhaghavad Gita.  Graduates are qualified to register with Yoga Alliance for the designation of 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher.


Our 300 Hour Program builds upon and deepens our trainees’ understanding of the practice and teaching of yoga at the 200-hour level.  We prepare you to teach principles and techniques that are more detailed and more subtle, Our curriculum is based on Yoga Alliance standards so that graduates of 200 Hour Yoga programs who successfully graduate our 300 Hour course of study, will qualify to register with YA for a RYT-500 hour designation.  


Many enter these programs with no intention of teaching yoga.  This is a Soul journey, where kindred spirits immerse themselves in yoga for clarity and personal growth. The yoga cue “Root to Rise,” means ground your energy and then remaining grounded, expand in your pose.  Choosing this opportunity may help you develop the balance and clarity to “Root and Rise” on your journey whatever your path.

RYS 200-AROUND-BLACK-300.png
RYS 300-AROUND-BLACK-300.png

 Yoga Teacher Training


200 and 300 Hour Programs

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